How will having a virtual assistant benefit you?

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Benefits of hiring a VA

• No Permanent employment
• No UIF / PAYE;
• No leave / sick days;
• No office space needed;
• No recruitment costs

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Contact Person: Lynette Kruger
Cell: 071 889 9850
Email: info@timesaversva.co.za

Qualified Virtual Assistant

Years of administrative experience, people skills, the desire to learn new skills and new industries, makes us the perfect partner for your business.

Accessibility of a VA

One of the core advantages of working with a VA is the accessibility, you can use many platforms to communicate effectively and efficiently while getting the best work done seamlessly.

Hourly Billing

You only pay for hours worked if you are on an hourly contract, even if you are on a retainer, you will be able to track every minute worked, that is part of the beauty of working with VA’s.

Freedom to focus

Once you get comfortable working with your VA, you will be able to focus on what is important, is it family, exercise or just getting to focus on growing your business, without doing menial tasks.

No HR, Sickleave or Facebook

Working with a VA negates all the red tape of HR. VA’s make it easy to grow your business, without growing your headache and frustrations of HR, Sick Leave and Facebook on your time.

Local Assistants only

Local is Lekker. We know how synonymous South Africans are for their great work ethic, accuracy and speed, and how important native English and local languages are for the success of your business.

Disadvantages of Hiring a VA:

We can’t bring you a cup of coffee….